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Great Self Tanning lotion

How to keep that sun kissed look in the winter.

Okay ladies your beautiful sun tans that you had over the summer are a distant memory by now. But they don't have to be I use the Fake Bake Original self tanning lotion. It's a great lotion for any skin color fair or olive. It is very easy to use I even use is on my face. In the mornings I add a dot of it to my moisturizer. Which gives my face a lot of color sometimes I will put a little blush and gloss and thats it for the day. Now for the rest of the body you can you use it by itself or sometimes if I don't need alot of color I will add a little regular lotion to the tanner. It goes on great you can see it go on so there are no streaks!! It retails @ $25.00 or you can call the Hair Color Specialist and get it for $20.00. Try it out or let me know what works best for you and why.  
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